Bending The Ruler

Theoretical Physics for Everyone!

Science is for girls! And yes, you can be a pretty girl and do all-things-girl AND still love astrophysics! Don't just look up at the heavens and say "Wow!", look up and wonder and explore with the best of them. Astrophysics is a wonderful field that needs more great minds. We don’t need to be rocket-scientists to understand the basics of astrophysics.

Up-and-coming astrophysicists are at great disadvantage in our modern digital culture because there are far too many professors today that have little understanding of practical application of the sciences. Thank God for industry and engineers who actually put the facts and figures into practice, for without them nothing would get done. Much of today’s science is led by pop-science icons who only repeat what they have been taught to think. But there are some free minds out there that are able to break through the erred math of the past.

It is time to tackle real questions with real answers. Questions like "Can we achieve the speed of light?" are frowned upon because Einstein said it is not possible, so we put it out of our minds. Is it right that we should ignore possibilities? What if Einstein was wrong? Then what?

Is time travel possible? Are "wormholes" real science? Can we go back in time? Can we break the light-speed barrier? Is our Sun turning into a black hole? We may never know the real answers to these and other such questions if we can’t get past the laws-of-pop-science.
Explore the secrets of the Universe with a new approach to science that sheds a brighter light on pop-science. Mysteries of the Universe are revealed in this insightful, in-depth, and thought provoking book on the science of astrophysics. Theoretical physics can be more than just mere theory when the theory is sound.

You don’t need to be a genius to understand most of astrophysics; everyone is welcomed in the quest to discover the mysteries of the Universe! This breakthrough book exposes errors of modern science in the same way that Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton did centuries ago.

Are Einstein and Hubble amongst the group of gifted minds that set forth our understanding of the Universe, like those of centuries past, or are Einstein's and Hubble’s theories wrong? Explore these and other questions in Bending The Ruler - Time Travel, The Speed of Light, and Gravity and learn how to become one of the great minds that discover the mysteries of the Universe!
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